Fiodor Dostoievsky on JavaScript

I tell you, the old-fashioned standard library that handled all basic operations has completely disappeared, now there are only packages, and they advertise all the time in the newspapers. If your string handling hurts, they send you to npm: “there’s a string package there, it does padding”. You go to npm, you get your string parsed: “I can pad only your right side”, it returns, “I don’t pad strings left, it’s not my specialty; but after me, go to back to npm, there’s a separate package there who will finish padding left your string.”

jQuery 3, staying alive

Because not everything needs to be wrapped in a framework.

  • for…of Loop
  • New signature for $.get() and $.post()
  • Use of requestAnimationFrame() for Animations
  • unwrap()
  • :visible and :hidden
  • data()
  • The Deferred Object
  • SVG Documents
  • Deprecation of bind(), unbind(), delegate() and undelegate()
  • Removal of the load(), unload() and error() Methods
  • Removal of context, support and selector
  • No More Rounding for width() and height()
  • wrapAll()


New gadget – Dynam USB RC

Arrived yesterday after a three weeks trip from Hong Kong.


Nothing fancy, but works great with Freerider FPV on Linux — trims neutral, Mix off, Gear/Pit neutral, plug in before launching Freerider, calibrate in game before starting the sim. All the channels should be aligned at the start in the game’s calibration screen, if they aren’t check the switches and restart Freerider.

Compared with flying my Hubsan X4 (expert mode off) the response of the sim copter is less rubbery (maybe latency is not modeled?). Unlike on Hubsan’s RC, throttle control (up-down on left lever) is stepped. I still have to fly the Hubsan with proper trimming — which I’m learning to do quickly with the sim — and expert mode on.