On PHP and Star Wars’ lessons

PHP runs a big chunk of the internet. That’s a big single failure point. The question is, do PHP’s maintainers have comparatively enough funds/manpower devoted to security?

To be more precise: The machine used to package up the releases show
some traces of an infection. recent releases are being reviewed and show
no traces of anything being injected there, still we are not comfortable
with using the box to build new tarballs ;)


Maybe we should all code the sensitive parts in long forgotten versions of obscure languages.

GTK: Windows of mass disruption

From time to time I get to admire GTK’s capability to break down Ubuntu.

Did you change GTK settings? Notice anything unusual? Congratulations! You may have won the “session login won’t start and if you try to startx directly, most apps won’t work — oh, and also I’m gonna make every gtk process use 100% CPU and see if I can fry your laptop” lottery.

So trust me — never try to tweak GTK settings. Just ignore it and hope someday it goes away, or something.

Oh, and install lxappearance. It may be the only tool that actually lets you switch things back when all other GTK tweak tools are weeping in the corner.

(Today’s post brought you by: “trying to switch from Faience to Ambiance.”)

Making history

Happy 20,000 bash history entries me.

It’s easy to forget how much value is embedded in one’s command trail. Whenever I have to repeat some not-documenting-worthy steps done long time ago, it’s always very convenient to get them back with a quick grep. The history record is one of the first files I ensure to bring with me onto a new system.

I went and checked what was my first entry.

> history | more
18: kill -9 nautilus

My relationship with nautilus is still complicated.